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Merlin had been trying to ignore it for quite a while. People weren't supposed to stick with you like this, were they? You met them, you made acquaintances, and unless they became your friends, you forgot them. Right? Right.

So why the hell was he still thinking about the blond boy in 232?

Merlin groaned and buried his face in his pillow. He met him at the dorm mixer maybe a month and a half ago, and he still couldn't get that stupid face out of his head. Sure, he was attractive - but that wasn't even what was bugging him. It's one thing to drool over a hot guy, but another entirely to be infuriated as you try to remember where in the hell you know him from.

Because he did. He knew Arthur, somehow, some way. And they'd spoken for maybe 5 minutes tops.

Merlin was going crazy.

When he walks down to the washing machines that tuesday, he almost does a 180 and leaves the way he came. Naturally, Arthur was standing there next to the only open machine. Of course.

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Shoving several dirty football t-shirts into the washing machine, Arthur turns around when he hears someone enter the room. It takes him a second to remember where he knows him from. "Hi.. uhm, Merlin, right?" They had met at a party at the beginning of term. He remembers the guys odd name and rather large ears.


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