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It's been 5 years since this whole nightmare began, and both sides had sustained incredible casualties. The whole of Europe was fairly decimated, but England was definitely the worst. Perhaps the worst of it all was the fact that Merlin didn't know if Arthur was dead or alive. Yes, he thought about him often. How stupid they'd both been. Merlin was willing to fight for what he believed in, but it hadn't been about him - it should have been about them, about working it out together. It should never have come to this.

He still wears the engagement ring on his finger. He's almost lost it once or twice, but it's still there - and he makes sure to take care of it and clean it, repair it. But that's not what this meeting it about; he's been selected to represent the magical community in the negotiations. All they wanted was their freedom back. Magic wasn't inherently evil; it was people that used it for nefarious purposes, people that mistreated it. They were willing to help put those people in jail. If only the non-magic users would understand.

They're meeting on what used to be Parliament, reduced to rubble, now. Merlin's fiddling with his hands, twisting the ring nervously. They've set up wards already; there are a few other magical delegates and guards there, but Merlin is to do the central talking. Still, there's only so much they can guard against, and if the non-magic users decide to attack…well, the magic users weren't going to be too keen on reopening negotiations after that.
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The circus comes into town in the late afternoon. It's a quiet caravan, but the whispers start immediately. It's not a regular circus. This one - this is the Camelot circus. One of the most esteemed traveling acts in the country, and not for the faint of heart. This one has a flaming sword eater and a terrifying magician.

A few brave people try to peek at the preparations, but once the big tent is up, all that can really be seen are food stands being set up, and a few podiums for acts unknown. Everything else is hidden from view. You want to see? Come buy a ticket.


Jun. 9th, 2013 01:14 pm
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This week has been fucking exhausting. He'd been consuling all week and dealing with a threat over in Norway. Somebody trying to brew mind control potions, again. Why couldn't everybody just get along and stop fussing? He's finally back home, in England, heading up the wizarding council while they go over worldwide news, and he gets an invite - no, it isn't that. It's more of a demand, from King Pendragon.

He's a bit tired, really, and didn't feel like dealing with it. "Not now, thank you. Politely decline, for me?" He told the runner. "Send him some magical candy."

He just wanted to go home and finish his book, thank you. He didn't ask for these powers, but if he took a holiday the world would flip out. People held him in high regard for some reason - he wasn't that wise, or old. He was just a young man trying to do right. Yet somehow the King was demanding his presence.


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